Hiring an employee abroad

Looking to hire an employee in Portugal without creating a subsidiary in that country?

Has one of your talents has expressed a desire to work from Portugal?

Would you like to test the Portuguese market before launching there?

SORECO can offer you an alternative to wage portage and support you in all the steps relating to hiring an employee from Portugal:

  • request for the Spanish, Italian or Portuguese tax number of your company,
  • affiliation of the French company to the local social security,
  • registration of the French company with the tax authorities of the country concerned,
  • drafting of the employment contract under Portuguese law,
  • hiring declaration,

Once these steps are completed, the employee will be part of your workforce. SORECO and its team of French chartered accountants will then assist you in the following missions:

  • preparation of payslips,
  • monthly sending of a summary wage statement allowing you to record the employee based abroad in your books,
  • preparation of monthly Social Security declarations,
  • drafting of declarations for deductions at source.

Finally, given the difficulties in opening a non-resident bank account in Spain, SORECO can take care of the payment of taxes and social charges for your company.

Hiring an employee abroad